Go public in 60 days!

We are faster and more efficient in our listings processes than ever before and promise to take you from your initial start-up meeting to a listing approval within 60 days. Having necessary documentation in place, an apt organization and organizational order is a prerequisite.


Welcome to Spotlight Stock Market!



From zero to a hundred in full speed 

The listing process usually takes between 2-3 months and includes several steps, from start to finish until your company is listed and your shares are traded on Spotlight Stock Market.

Book a meeting with Spotlight’s sales team to gain knowledge on your listing opportunity and learn more about our offering. Prior to a listing, we help the company take the first steps by qualifying the company against Spotlight's listing requirements.

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Start-up meeting 
The start-up meeting initiates the due diligence-process towards a listing on Spotlight Stock Market. Your company meets with Spotlight’s listing team to go through the listing process. A data-room is set up for you to upload necessary material for the due diligence.


Legal & financial due diligence 
All companies go through a legal and a financial due diligence. Spotlight uses external partners to conduct the due diligence processes. The legal due diligence is conducted by legal advisers. The company then works to remedy any issues so that the review can be completed.

Access to Spotlight Academy and MCLogg
The company gets free access to our digital tool MCLogg for easy and efficient insider log and free access to our educational series Spotlight Academy – a portal filled with video material regarding rules & regulations, IR-related work as well as further knowledge that is useful for listed companies.

Memorandum or a prospectus
At a listing, documentation in the form of a memorandum or a prospectus is required. Spotlight assists the company with a checklist of all the documentational requirements.

IR & company training 
The company is invited to both IR & company training with Spotlight’s regulatory experts. This provides knowledge on how to act in a listed environment.

Application for listing 
Spotlight’s Head of Listings takes part in the listing application to decide towards approval of the company’s listing.

Approval of listing application and due diligance
Spotlight’s Head of Listings approves the listing.

IR-page & pressrelease services 
The company receives press release services from Cision, free of charge as well as its own IR-page that can be used on the company’s website.

Subscription period (IPO(Roadshow)
At a listing where the public can buy shares in the company, a road show is often arranged where the company markets the offer to subscribe for shares. The subscription period usually lasts for two weeks.

Listing day - first day of trade 
The listing of the company’s shares on Spotlight Stock Market and the first trading day, is an important milestone for the company and a day of celebration. A listing ceremony is organized by Spotlight Stock Market and the first day of trading is widely visible in Spotlight's channels.

Welcome to Spotlight Stock Market!