Spotlight is a business line within, and the secondary name of, ATS Finans AB. ATS Finans AB also conducts other securities business through the business line, under the secondary name, Sedermera Fondkommission; more information is available at

Sedermera Fondkommission from time to time has assignments, for example, as an issuing agent or financial advisor to companies listed on Spotlight, or for companies that have applied for listing on Spotlight. Fundamentally, Spotlight and Sedermera Fondkommission are part of the same company which could pose a risk in that Spotlight, through its role in the surveillance of the listed companies and its review of companies that have applied for listing, treat Sedermera’s customers less stringently than other companies. This could damage confidence in Spotlight and indirectly the listed companies. Spotlight, however, treats its customers neutrally and has internal rules and procedures to prevent the preferential treatment of individual customers as required by law.