Here at Spotlight you can easily read more about the companies listed with us. When you find a company you would like to invest in and become a shareowner of, you can buy stocks through one of our partners. Once you become a shareowner you can take part of all important information about the company through their IR-page.


At Spotlight there are hundreds of companies listed, in different sizes and from different industries. We have gathered them all in one place so that you are able to find the company best suited for you. 

Learn more about how to become a shareowner here.

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We have gathered all the important information in one place at the Investor Relations-page. This is where you can take part of the latest news, interim reports and statistics regarding the company’s stock.


Once you discovered the company best suited for you, you can purchase stocks through our partners in an easy and safe way. After you have invested in a company you can follow the company’s development on the IR-page.