Prepare your company for growth

A growing company often need capital. A good method to raise capital is to go public, which in time can result in thousands of shareowners.
Go Public is a product from Spotlight that can help you on the way.


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Increase visibility
Make the company more visible for a future listing

Show intent to become listed
Show owners the intent to list the company within 18 months.

Knowledge and experience
Give the company knowledge and practical experience of disclosure of information for a future listing.  

Go Public Academy
Prepare the company for the regulations a listed company has to follow, and give the company tools for their growth journey. 

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Practice makes perfect

The best way to prepare for a listing is to start to disclose information as a listed company. Our regulatory experts review all press releases and reports before they are published. 
They give you extensive support and guidance to make it right. We also offer a unique training package that helps the company live up to the demands the market has on a listed company. 

Go Public Academy
Go Public Academy gives you the best prerequisites for a successfull listing. The training focuses on the rules and regulations for a listed company and gives you the tools to gain as much as possible from your growth journey. 

Go Public Networks
At the quarterly trainings you also get to network with players in the financial community and other companies that also are considering a listing.