Q&A Migration to INET

Q: When will trading start on Nasdaq Nordic trading platform? 
A: Trading starts February 1, 2024. 


Q: What agreements need to be in place for existing trading member on Spotlight? 
A: Existing members on Spotlight will need to submit an application for membership: https://spotlightstockmarket.com/en/migration-to-inet/trading-members/


Q: What agreements needs to be in place for a new member to get access to Spotlight?
A: It is required that a new member first needs to be a member on Nasdaq. Such member needs to submit an application for membership to Spotlight. When Spotlight has approved the application, access is opened by Nasdaq. https://spotlightstockmarket.com/en/migration-to-inet/become-a-trading-member/


Q: Can I use existing Nasdaq technical infrastructure to access Spotlight? 
A: Yes, access to Spotlight is made available through existing Nasdaq technical infrastructure. All Spotlight members will at the launch date automatically be given access to Spotlight. 


Q: How do I receive market data?
A: Spotlight market data will be included in Nasdaq Nordic Equity data products automatically (ITCH/NLS) but added only on request to Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) customer accounts.

Separate new reference data- and end-of-day-files for XSAT will be made available on File Delivery Service (FDS) customer accounts.

Separate new reference data- and end-of-the-day-files for XSAT will be made available on File Delivery Service (FDS) (https://www.nasdaq.com/solutions/nasdaq-nordic-file-delivery-serviceIf) a Nordic Equity market data customer requires Spotlight exchange to be added to one or more accounts in Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) please contact: dataeurope@nasdaq.com


Q: How does a member get technical access to Spotlight? 
A: Nasdaq members wanting to access the new Spotlight Market Segments will automatically get access in INET Nordic NTF. INET Nordic Production access information will be announced separately. for any access related inquiries, please reach out to Member & Account Configuration, mac@nasdaq.com 


Q: When will CCP be introduced? 
A: CCP Will be introduced once the migrations is completed. It is our plan to include the same CCPs currently used for Nasdaq traded shares. We will communicate introduction of CCP in separate technical notices. 


Q: Will you use the same Market Model as Nasdaq? 
A: Spotlight´s market model is based on Nasdaq´s market model with a few exemptions. These exemptions are explained in the Spotlight Market model document.


Q: Will you change the Member Rules?
A: To simplify the transition, Spotlight will base its Member Rules on Nasdaq´s current member rules. Spotlight´s member rules will be a slimmer version since there are parts of Nasdaq´s member rules that are not relevant to Spotlight. There will be no new or additional rules in Spotlight´s member rules compared to that of Nasdaq´s. 


Q: ICB Classification? 
A: There will be no ICB Classification for Spotlight instruments.


Q: Will the order-book ID change after migration?
A: Yes, upon the migration from Elasticia all instruments will get new order-book IDs in INET Nordic. 


Q: Will the Ticker code change for instruments?
A: All instruments will keep existing Ticker codes. 


Q: Migration path:
A: A migration path and activities will be published through Spotlights website. https://spotlightstockmarket.com/en/migration-to-inet/

Spotlight use Cision to communicate technical news and updates. Subscribe to Technical news using this link: https://spotlightstockmarket.com/en/migration-to-inet/subscribe-to-technical-news/

Nasdaq may also send out technical notices. Subscribe using this link: https://www.nasdaqomxnordic.com/it-notices


Q: Will there be a freeze period prior to the migration date?
A: Spotlight will conduct a freeze period regarding all data in Elastica two weeks before the migration date. During the freeze period no change will be made in static data, instrument data etc. During the freeze period a copy of data is available in Nasdaq test system.


Q: When should I contact Nasdaq vs Spotlight?
A:You should contact Nasdaq: operator@nasdaq.com for technical/connectivity issues. For all other questions contact Spotlight: trading@spotlightstockmarket.com


Q: How will Long Codes be managed (ORK)?
A: A member that already has submitted long codes to Nasdaq is also used for trading on Spotlight.


Q: What happens to long orders in Elasticia upon migration?
A: Long orders in Elasticia are deleted on January 31st end of trading. The member needs to resend such orders to INET on February 1st. 


If you have any more questions, please contact: 
Technical Questions: Nasdaq Cash Equity Operations
Tel: +46 8 405 6410, E-mail: operator@nasdaq.com


For all other questions: Spotlight Trading Operations
Tel: +46 8 511 68 00, E-mail: trading@spotlightstockmarket.com 


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