Migration to INET 

Spotlight Stock Market has decided to change its trading system to INET provided by Nasdaq.
The change is scheduled for late 2023. CCP will follow as soon as possible once the new
trading system is in place.

The change of trading system will be communicated via Spotlight Stock Market Technical
News and Nasdaq Technical News.



Preliminary time plan:

Q3 2023: Access to test system
Q4 2023: Go live
Q2 2024: Introduction of CCP
From August 2023 and onwards, a more detailed summary of the system change and CCP solution
is to be found below.


Information from Nasdaq


IT – INET Nordic – New Exchange & Segment(s) (32/23)

New Exchange for Spotlight Stock Market (MIC XSAT) with Market Segments will be launched in INET Nordic system.

New INET Market Segments will be created under new Exchange Spotlight (XSAT).

Changes in trading and market data systems

New Exchange and Market Segments will be introduced. INET NTF and GCF-TIP TST4 identifiers for the new INET Segment available below.


New Exchange and Market Segments* will be introduced according to the details below:

Spotlight Stock Market XSAT 23 4246806


Market INET NTF Market Segment Name MIC Symbol Seq GCF TST4 ID

Spotlight Stock Market

Spotlight Sweden XSAT SPSE 285 4246812
Spotlight Stock Market Spotlight Denmark XSAT SPDK 286 4246808
Spotlight Stock Market Spotlight Norway XSAT SPNO 287 4246810

* - additional segments may be added later on, will be announced separately.

Population List INET NTF identifiers:

INET Turnover /List Population name INET Turnover List Code INET Turnover List ID INET Population List ID
Spotlight Sweden Next SPSMNEXT 124662 H12466210
Spotlight Denmark Next SPDMNEXT 124663 H12466310
Spotlight Norway Next SPSNNEXT 124664 H12466410
Spotlight Sweden SPSM 124665 H12466510
Spotlight Denmark SPDM 124666 H12466610
Spotlight Norway SPNM 124667 H12466710

Production IDs will be announced separately.

Protocol specifications

The OUCH specification will be updated with a value in existing field for the XSAT MIC code, and will be available at the Nasdaq Nordic Technical Information website at a later point, under INET Nordic Protocol Specifications. No changes to FIX protocol specifications.

Reference data will be available via GCF-TIP, and existing INET protocols are used for all inbound and outbound messaging.

Member access

Members wanting to access the new Spotlight Market Segments will automatically get access in INET Nordic NTF. INET Nordic Production access information will be announced separately. For any access related inquiries, please reach out to Member & Account Configuration (mac@nasdaq.com)

Market Data access

Spotlight data will be included in Nordic Equity data products, but added only on request to Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) customer accounts. Separate new reference data- and end-of-day-files for XSAT will be made available on File Delivery Service (FDS). If a Nordic Equity market data customer requires Spotlight exchange to be added to one or more accounts in Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) please contact: dataeurope@nasdaq.com

Time schedule

• INET Test (NTF) and GCF TST4 – July 3 (further market parametrization will continue, separate notice will be released to confirm a final state)

• INET and GCF Production – will be announced separately

Technical support

For technical questions, please contact Nasdaq Cash Equity Operations:

Nasdaq Cash Equity Operations

Tel: +46 8 405 6410 E-mail: operator@nasdaq.com

For all other questions, please contact Spotlight:

Spotlight Trading Operations
Tel: +46 8-511 68 000

E-mail: trading@spotlightstockmarket.com

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