FluoGuide is a life science company based in Denmark that develops and commercializes intelligent surgical targeting products. The Company has not yet launched any product on the market and has thus not yet generated any income. FluoGuide utilizes the fact that cancer cells extensively express the urokinase receptor (‘uPAR’) and the Company has acquired the rights to fluorescing molecules that binds to uPAR. FluoGuide’s solution therefore helps the surgeon to remove the entire tumor during surgery and increases the chance for complete cure of the patient. The Company’s solution results in the surgeon not having to cut more tissue than necessary and it also reduces the risk of leaving behind cancer tissue in the body. This reduces suffering for the patient and increases the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

Styrelse och ledning


  • Morten Albrechtsen


  • Arne Ferstad


  • Arne Ferstad
  • Andreas Kjær
  • Shomit Ghose
  • Micaela Sjökvist
  • Peter Mørch Eriksen