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Publicerat: 2023-08-23 08:00:00

Genetic Analysis AS: New publication shows the benefits of the GA-map® testing platform in Diabetes Type 2

OSLO, NORWAY – 23 August 2023: Microbiome DX company Genetic Analysis AS ("GA" or "the Company") announces that a scientific article has recently been published in the medical journal BMC Endocrine Disorders, showing promising results of using microbiota as a tool for risk prediction of diabetes disease at an early stage. The article titled "EXPLORING THE GUT MICROBIOTA IN PATIENTS WITH PRE-DIABETES AND TREATMENT NAÏVE DIABETES TYPE 2 - A PILOT STUDY", written by researchers at GA, demonstrates the strength of GA´s research portfolio and underlines the potential for expanding the use of the GA-map® testing platform into the Diabetes Type 2 disease area.

CEO Ronny Hermansen comments:
”We are delighted to announce that our study “Exploring the gut microbiota in patients with pre-diabetes and treatment naïve diabetes type 2 - a pilot study” was accepted for publication in BMC Endocrine Disorders. Diabetes affects 11,3% and 6,2% of the population in the US and EU and it is of key importance that these patients receive diagnostics tools able to predict the probability of a diabetes disease course. The article's acceptance further underlines the strength of GA’s research activities within the microbiome field and expand the areas for microbiota testing”.

The publication summarizes the promising results for the use of microbiota as a tool for risk prediction of developing a diabetes disease course at an early stage. This new publication, written by researchers at GA, documents the strength of the research portfolio in Genetic Analysis and expands the use of the GA-map® testing platform into the Diabetes Type 2 disease area. According to WHO, about 96 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes in the US alone (38.0% of the adult US population). In Europe, about 40 million people aged 18 and above suffer from pre-diabetes. Tackling pre-diabetes before it develops into Type-2 diabetes is therefore highly beneficial for both patients and the health economy, underlining the need for and importance of accurate and validated microbiome diagnostics tools such as the GA-map®.

About the publication
The article “Exploring the gut microbiota in patients with pre-diabetes and treatment naïve diabetes type 2 - a pilot study” was accepted for publication in BMC Endocrine Disorders the 21. August 2023. In this study, the aim was to search for gut bacteria able to distinguish individuals in danger of developing Diabetes Type 2 disease from healthy. At least thirteen different bacteria were recognized as candidates for developing such a predictive test, representing differences in the abundance of short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) producing bacteria, and an increase in typical inflammation-associated or potentially pro-inflammatory or opportunistic bacteria, that may contribute to the variations in the microbiota separating Diabetes Type 2 patients from the healthy subjects.

For more information about the publication: https://bmcendocrdisord.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12902-023-01432-0

WHO 2023: https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/diabetes

For more information, please contact:
Ronny Hermansen, CEO
E-mail: rh@genetic-analysis.com

About Genetic Analysis:
Genetic Analysis AS (GA) is a science-based diagnostic company and pioneer in the human microbiome field with more than 15 years of expertise in research and product development. The unique GA-map® platform is based on a pre-determined multiplex targets approach specialized for simultaneous analysis of a large number of bacteria in one reaction. The test results are generated by utilizing the clinically validated cutting edge GA-map® software algorithm. This enables immediate results without the need for further bioinformatics work. GA’s vision is to become the leading company for standardized gut microbiota testing worldwide, and GA is committed to help unlocking and restoring the human microbiome through its state-of-the-art technology. GA employs
a team of highly qualified employees with scientific backgrounds and competence in bioinformatics, molecular biology, and bioengineering.

For more information: www.genetic-analysis.com

Interested in reading more about GA's products? Please visit ga-map.com

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