Opening hours | Spotlight

Spotlight's Opening hours 

All times are stated in Central European Time (CET)

Regular trading day

  Pre Open Opening Auction* Open/Continuous trading Closing Auction** Post Open Closing
Sweden  08:00 08:45 09:00 17:25 17:30 18:00
Denmark 08:00 08:45 09:00 16:55 17:00 18:00

Half Trading Day

  Pre Open Opening Auction* Open/Continous Trading Closing Auction** Post Open Closing
Sweden 08:00 08:45 09:00 12:55 13:00 13:20

Half Trading Days and Holidays 2018 

Date Weekday Holiday Sweden Denmark
2018-01-01 Monday New Year’s day Closed Closed
2018-01-05 Friday Epiphany eve Half  
2018-03-29 Thursday Maundy thursday Half Closed
2018-03-30 Friday Good friday Closed Closed
2018-04-02 Monday Easter monday Closed Closed
2018-04-27 Friday "All Prayers" Day   Closed
2018-04-30 Monday Walpurgis eve Half  
2018-05-01 Tuesday First of May Closed  
2018-05-09 Wednesday Eve before ascension Half  
2018-05-10 Thursday Ascension day Closed Closed
2018-05-11 Friday Second day of Ascension    Closed
2018-05-21 Monday Whit Monday   Closed
2018-06-05 Tuesday Constitution day   Closed
2018-06-06 Wednesday Swedish national day Closed  
2018-06-10 Monday Whit Monday   Closed
2018-06-22 Friday Midsummer eve Closed  
2018-11-02 Friday All saint’s eve Half  
2018-12-24 Monday Christmas eve Closed Closed
2018-12-25 Tuesday Christmas day Closed Closed
2018-12-26 Wednesday Second day of christmas Closed Closed
2018-12-31 Monday New year’s eve Closed Closed

Half Trading Days and Holidays 2019

Date Weekday Holiday Sweden Denmark
2019-01-01 Tuesday New Year’s day Closed Closed
2019-04-18 Thursday Maundy Thursday Half day Closed
2019-04-19 Friday Good Friday Closed Closed
2019-04-22 Monday Easter Monday Closed Closed
2019-04-30 Tuesday Walpurgis eve Half day  
2019-05-01 Tuesday May first Closed  
2019-05-17 Friday Store bededag   Closed
2019-05-29 Wednesday Eve before ascension  Half day  
2019-05-30 Thursday Ascension day Closed Closed
2019-05-31 Friday Second Ascension day   Closed
2019-06-05 Wednesday Danish constitution day   Closed
2019-06-06 Thursday Swedish national day Closed  
2019-06-10 Monday Whit Monday   Closed
2019-06-21 Friday Midsummer eve Closed  
2019-11-01 Friday All Saint's eve Half day  
2019-12-24 Tuesday Christmas eve Closed Closed
2019-12-25 Wednesday Christmas day Closed Closed
2019-12-26 Thursday Second day of Christmas Closed Closed
2019-12-31 Tuesday New years eve Closed Closed

* The opening auction ends with an uncross, 0-30 seconds after 09:00

** The closing auction ends with an uncross, 0-30 seconds before 17:30 (13:00 for half trading days)