Spotlight Select

There comes a time when a Spotlight company is ready for a new chapter.  

Taking the step to working out a plan that sets a high-quality stamp. 
That means not only living up to new rules; but also improving the internal control of your company. 

Vit Byggnad

Become a Spotlight Select-company 

There are some things that need to be done first. Market cap above EUR 150 Million, free float of 25 %,
IFRS reporting and applicable
 Corporate Governance Code. If that’s fulfilled – great!  
Not there yet?
-No worries. I
f you have a two-year plan for the IFRS reporting and Corporate Governance Code, it's all good.
Here are all the companies you will be joining.


The offer

Extra Visibility
Spotlight channels

Have questions or want to join Spotlight Select?
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