Become a trading member

Membership requires that the applicant: 

  • - is a trading member of Nasdaq,

  • - is a securities institution which is authorised to conduct securities operations pursuant to Chapter 2, section 1, subsections 2 or 3 of the Securities Market Act (Sw. lagen (2007:528) om värdepappersmarknaden, the “SMA“), alternatively a foreign company which is authorised to conduct operations in its home country, equivalent to those just referred to, and which is under satisfactory supervision by public authority or other authorised body in its home country,

  • - has a capital (calculated in accordance with Chapter 3, section 7 of the SMA or equivalent legislation) of not less than 730,000 EUR,

  • - is deemed by the exchange to possess adequate organisational arrangements, necessary risk management procedures, sufficient technical systems, and otherwise be deemed suitable to participate in trading on the exchange,

  • - has a minimum of two employed brokers who satisfy the conditions set by the exchange.

1. Documentation

Additional member documents are found under menu Member documents. 

2. Connectivity 
Once the membership application is approved by Spotlight Stock market, Spotlight will instruct Nasdaq to provide technical access to the markets granted by the approval. A trading member can re-use existing technical infrastructure already in place for trading on Nasdaq. 

3. Market Data 
Spotlight Market data is provided by Nasdaq to the Trading Member. The market data is included in the Nasdaq Equity data product and added on request. If a Nordic Equity market data customer requires Spotlight exchange to be added to one or more accounts in Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) please contact: 

4. Clearing 
Bilateral clearing accordingly to the membership application.
CCP is planned to be introduced end of 2024.