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21 November 2018
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We welcome Comintelli to Spotlight

Comintelli has developed and licensed a cloud-based service for remote monitoring and analysis called Intelligence2day. The company's customers use the service to facilitate navigation, and create meaning and insight, from an ever-increasing information volume. For these companies it is important to identify early trends, threats and opportunities.

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NeoDynamics is a Swedish medical technology company based on research at the renowned Karolinska Institutet. We are developing and commercializing NeoNavia®, a new biopsy system. 

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At Spotlight we believe that everything great once was small

We put companies in the spotlight.

The stakeholders in our line of business have been looking and talking in the same way for a long time. We would like to change that; we want to change the way people are thinking about trading and listed companies. The foundation is a positive experience – companies are given the opportunity to grow and investors gets to join them on their journey.

We are making a strategic shift from being a traditional marketplace for stocks, to becoming a stronger platform with focus to put the spotlight on our companies. .

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A big welcome

Scandion Oncology was formed as a spin-out company from the University of Copenhagen and the research and development company Saniona AB in 2017 for the purpose of addressing one of the greatest challenges in modern oncology – the effective treatment of cancer which is or has become resistant to the prescribed cancer-fighting drugs.

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Spotlight is the marketplace where investors and growth companies meet. At Spotlight it is easier and safer for companies to be listed. We offer a overall solution that increase the visibility for our companies through unique media collaborations. Investors get through Spotlight the opportunity to become shareholders in more than 160 growth companies from different businesses and countries, among those are Storytel, Bahnhof and Synthetic MR.