Information for setting up your IR page

Here you can find information on how to fetch or display data from Spotlight by using Spotlight API or Graph/IR IFrame Solution.


What are Iframe and API?

IFrames are being used on websites where an image or box type of area displays the given data e.g. newsfeed, blogpost, graph, data, etc.
API or Application Programming Interface, is data received from an HTTP Request. It gives the same result as typing a URL in your web browser, you send a request to retrieve a web page. You will get data instead of a web page. The “response” will give you raw data that developers can use in their code. The developers or front-end team are responsible for the design.
API gives you a more flexible way to use the data into your design. You can pick exactly what data you want to fetch from the Spotlight API (see the Spotlight API Documentation file for a full usage guide).

IFrame has a sticky height and width which sometimes can be less compatible with mobile device scaling. IFrames are done with only one line of code, the IR IFrame is the same but will display other data by switching the source (src) inside the IFrame.

API displays data in a more complex way. You need to fetch data by using another URL. The Spotlight API URL is the base of the request and you will need other tools to get data. You will need to ask Spotlight for a customer made Key, which will be used for ALL of the API calls. You can choose content by sending a request to the Spotlight API. You can use the data in your code when you are happy with the result. 

Consider what you want to display on your customer web page, do you need more data than the IFrames provides? We recommend you start using the IFrame solution for a faster, easier way to display data. The IFrame is very easy to use and only need a few steps to be working. If the data is not enough for your customer solution, we suggest you use the API based solution, it can access more data and is free from design.


For more information on how the Key works, please see the Spotlight API Documentation, section Authentication and follow each step carefully.

For more information on how to use the IFrame, see the Spotlight API Documentation, section Graph and IR API.


If, under the terms of the parties' contractual relationship, the Company chooses to use the API link described above, it also grants access to the ATS Finans AB API key. The latter gives access to ATS Finans AB's API ("API"). As a result, the Company receives, under the listing agreement, a non-exclusive license to use the API through the API key and the information and data obtained therewith for its own use. Thus, the Company may not use the API or information and data ("Data"), obtained in connection with its use, for other activities or distribute this information to third parties.
The parties agree that ATS Finans AB has ownership and all intellectual property rights attached to the API and the Data. Access to the API does not mean that any ownership, intellectual property or part of such right, in addition to the rights of use listed in the listing agreement and the above specified rights, will be transferred from ATS Finans AB to the Company. Unless the Company has received ATS Finans AB's specifically written approval, it is not entitled to claim ownership, spread, publish, copy, transfer, license or otherwise, in any other intellectual property law, disposal of the API, its source code, call structure , or the data.
Upon termination of the contractual relationship, or if ATS Finans AB believes that there is no longer any reason for the Company to gain access to the API, the right to the API key will return to ATS Finans AB. In such cases, the Company shall ensure that it no longer has access to the API and the Data by confirming that the access has been terminated and that all data relating to the API has been returned to ATS Finans AB and deleted from the Company. ATS Finans AB also has the right to restrict access to the API in the case of ATS Finans AB finding that the Company acted in violation of the instructions set above. In addition, ATS Finans AB is entitled to compensation for damage, both directly and indirectly, as the later breach of contract brought with ATS Finans AB.