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Amido AB (publ) is a service provider of passage systems based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company is working to simplify the passage administration for property owners through their platform.

In 2008, Amido’s vision was to facilitate administration for property owners. They saw that the management of several passage systems was a big process for companies. Alliera became the solution to this. Amido also provides a service called DAX, which is used to administrate access to buildings for third-party suppliers.



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    Amido AB (publ)



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    23/10-8/11 2019

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Board members

Alexander Tasevski

Board member

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Johnny Berlic


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Peo Emgård

Board member

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Torbjörn Hall

Board member

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Markus Emgård

Board member

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Fredrik Vom Hofe

Board member

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Petra Palmgren Lindwall

Chairman of board

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About the company

Amido provides services to simplify the passage administration for property owners. Through the company's web-based platform Alliera, property owners can digitally decide who should have access to a property and when. In Alliera, customers can manage their passage systems, laundry bookings and digital key cabinets. Alliera is integrated with several different suppliers of passage systems, which makes it possible for the customer to use one single system for all their digital keys. Amido has also developed the service Distributed Access eXchange (DAX), which makes it possible for passage system owners to administrate and let third-party suppliers access buildings, houses and other facilities with their digital lock system. The service DAX was developed in 2018 and 2019 in cooperation with SOS Alarm.

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