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Published: 2024-04-09 07:35:06

Katalysen Ventures AB: Katalysen Ventures announces roadshow starting May 2

Katalysen Ventures AB (publ) (“Katalysen”, the “Company”) is thrilled to announce a roadshow, with stops in Stockholm (May 2, May 22), Geneva (May 14), and Vienna (date tbd). The May 22 stop in Stockholm will be co-hosted with Quantic Financial Solutions (part of C-Quadrat Investment Group), a developer of high end risk & asset management solutions for financial institutions. Katalysen extends a warm welcome to everybody actively engaged in or curious about the European innovation scene for a chance to learn more about Katalysen, its recently announced Venture Targeter Framework, and to network with sector peers.

If you are a journalist, an investor, a potential co-investor, a venture developer, an entrepreneur, a sector expert, or already a shareholder in Katalysen, you are invited.

As a shareholder in Katalysen you already participate in the value creation within the Venture Targeter Framework, but you might want to learn more about it.

Katalysen CEO Peter Almberg comments: “The interest for our recently announced Venture Targeter Framework, and the last two transactions carried out using said framework, has been much larger than anticipated, thus, we have decided to perform this roadshow. We look forward seeing you all in Stockholm, Geneva, and Vienna!”

For more information on the roadshow, including information on how to attend, please contact Katalysen at

For more information on Katalysen Ventures, please contact:
CEO Peter Almberg
Phone: +46 76 860 37 00

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