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Published: 2022-11-21 16:41:39

Spotlight: Market Notice 195/22 Information regarding Cessatech A/S’s subscription option

The trading in Cessatech A/S’s subscription option CESSA TO 2 will take place from November 23, 2022. 

One (1) subscription option CESSA TO 2 entitles the owner to subscribe for one (1) new share.  

Please see the company’s webpage for the full terms of the subscription option. 

Information about the subscription option: 
Short name: CESSA TO 2 
ISIN-code: DK0061926888 
Orderbook-ID: BN4A 
FISN: Cessatech AS/Warrant 
First day of trading: November 23, 2022
Last day of trading: To be announced 
Market segment: SPDK 
MIC Code: XSAT  
Tick size: A (Other instruments) 

Stockholm November 21, 2022 

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