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We know that it can be both time consuming and difficult to follow the regulations – but when you live up to the listing demands it gives your company a quality assurance which leads to increased confidence.

Guidance that makes it easier for you

The market is constantly supervised by Spotlights surveillance team to verify that the traders are following the regulations and that the listed companies are following the IOs. This way the trading of your stock is safer. The demands on the company to follow the regulations, but also in other aspects act in a trustworthy way, means that a listed company must create a functioning and effective organization with internal routines, that also works in your favor in other contexts as well. We have created our offer to simplify all these processes for you.


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We help you understand the regulations

There are certain rules of information to follow so that the market can interpret the company the right way. We help you with that. The companies at Spotlight can always contact our surveillance team where they are experts on the regulations. It can be anything from the company’s information towards the market, to regulations in Swedish Companies Act, to what is ethical on the stock market, or regarding principal or policies.

At Spotlight we are always updated on regulations and can interpret the changes. We are continuously sending information about what these changes mean for our listed companies.

Review of press releases

It is important that the right information is issued at the right time through the right channels. Spotlight is the only marketplace that actively advance-reviews all press releases prior to market release. This is to ensure that the company meets the information requirements imposed on listed companies. The advance review enables us to proactively guide and discuss with the companies, rather than to act retroactively. We verify the companies’ press releases through the assistance of our regulatory experts. This reduces the risk that companies releasing information that is incomplete, difficult to interpret, or misleading. The purpose is to keep confidence in the company and for investor protection.

Training for listed company’s senior executives

Spotlight holds training sessions for the company in market regulations both before an IPO and once the company is listed. The training session is held individually with each company and is mandatory for the CEO and chairman of the board. Others wishing to participate are always welcome.