Midsummer Eve, June 21, the Swedish trading is closed. Trading in Denmark and Norway is open.

Syncro Group is active in influencer marketing and gig economy with the aim of connecting people and brands through technology. Syncro invests in companies that are part of shaping the new digital economy on a global level and develops its own AI technology within the industries in which they operate. The company has offices in Sweden and Denmark, with headquarters in Stockholm.

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  • Ebbe Damm

Chairperson of the Board

  • Joachim Hjerpe


  • Anders Bruzelius
  • Ebbe Damm
  • Elina Wilow Jute
  • Kajsa Arvidsson
  • Mårten Barkman


Largest Owners

Name Capital % Votes % Date
Olle Stenfors 11,45 11,36 2024-03-26
Leoett Holding AB 5,86 5,82 2024-03-26
Avanza Pension 5,64 5,60 2024-03-26
Markku Mäkinen 3,56 3,54 2024-03-26
Ebbe Damm 3,01 3,00 2024-05-31
Thinkberry AB 2,62 2,60 2024-03-26
F8 Elenius Ventures AB 2,49 2,47 2024-03-26
Lars Olof Larsson 2,25 2,23 2024-03-26
Osix Sverige AB 2,24 2,23 2024-03-26
Felix Granander 1,64 1,63 2024-03-26
** Holdings by Modular Finance AB. Compiled and processed data from various sources, including Euroclear, Morningstar and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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*Source: Holdings by Modular Finance AB. Compiled and processed data from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

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*Compiled data from Millistream