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Publicerat: 2019-06-27 14:12:44

Scandion Oncology: Scandion Oncology has identified four clinical sites to take part in the planned Phase II clinical trial

Scandion Oncology A/S (“Scandion Oncology” or the “Company”) today announces that the Company has identified the four clinical sites where the lead candidate drug SCO101 will be tested in combination with chemotherapy in patients with metastatic and drug resistant colorectal cancer. The first patients to enter the trial are expected to be included in December 2019. The four sites are located in Denmark in the Capital Region, Region South, Region North and Region Zealand.

CEO Nils Brünner comments:

“This is a very important stepping-stone in the quest to prove that SCO–101 can revert resistance to chemotherapy (irinotecan) in colorectal cancer patients. If the trial has a positive result, it may have direct clinical importance for the thousands of patients who have no optional treatment possibilities. We are grateful for the commitment of the four sites and look forward to this collaboration.“

CMO Peter Michael Vestlev comments:

“Resistance to anti-cancer drugs represents a major problem in modern oncology. For example, in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, there are almost no possibilities to cure these patients when they develop resistance to the first drugs they receive. Scandion Oncology has selected 4 expert colorectal cancer teams to be part of the SCO-101 study. I feel confident that these sites can recruit the needed number of patients and that with their prior experience in conducting clinical trials will deliver first class work.“

For more information regarding Scandion Oncology, please contact:

Nils Brünner, CEO

Phone: +45 26 14 47 08


Scandion Oncology A/S is a biotechnology company founded in 2017 for the purpose of addressing and tackling one of the greatest challenges in modern oncology – the effective treatment of cancer which contains drug resistant cell clones or which has developed resistance to a previously prescribed cancer-fighting drug. In preclinical in vitro-studies SCO-101 restores chemotherapy sensitivity in resistant cancer cells. Moreover, in animal studies, the company’s leading candidate drug, SCO-101, significantly enhances the efficacy of certain standard cancer treatments when given in combination. Scandion Oncology is now ready to initiate clinical phase II trials with its lead compound, SCO-101 in patients with drug resistant cancer. Scandion Oncology was listed on Spotlight Stock Market, Sweden in November 2018.

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