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Publicerat: 2023-07-07 09:44:57

MyFirstApp Sweden AB: MyFirstApp Introduces Strategy and the Evolear System: An AI Model for Individual Learning

Stockholm, July 7, 2023

MyFirstApp is introducing the company's strategy to provide customers and users with continuous educational development and effectiveness. As such, we are introducing our new strategic product: the development of the Evolear service. Evolear is a technical solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) that will become a central system within MyFirstApp and the Group's offerings.

The goal of the company's product, Evolear, is to enhance the learning experience by providing personalized education. By using a developed, tailored, and trained AI-driven algorithm, Evolear will deliver custom mathematical problems that dynamically adapt based on the user's abilities and progress. This enables a more efficient and personal learning experience.

Evolear is designed to integrate with existing MyFirstApp services and to be an agile foundation for the development of future learning platforms, games, and services. This initiative reflects MyFirstApp's commitment to placing the user at the center of their learning and development.


The company estimates that it will launch the first product-applied version of Evolear in beta format against an in-house developed educational game in Q4 2023. Further details about the product/game will be communicated as the development phase progresses.

For further information, please contact:
Jesper Nord, CEO MyFirstApp Sweden AB (publ)

Mobile: +4673 329 13 29

MyFirstApp Sweden AB (publ)
MyFirstApp is an IT company. The company offers a range of digital services, mainly consisting of digital applications specifically tailored for children. These solutions are used by a number of preschools, where the apps are designed with varying levels of learning and personal development. The apps operate under different names and cover areas such as basic mathematics and cognitive abilities.

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