Publicerat: 2022-11-23 15:30:52

Imint: Update, Q3’23 - Kalqyl

Imint’s revenue came in below our expectations, with margins inline. Net revenue was more or less flat y/y (-3%). However, it was down q/q by around -11%, and even more so in USD. Third quarter in numbers:

- Net sales amounted to 16 MSEK (16.4 MSEK)

- Operating expenses amounted to 16.9 MSEK (13 MSEK)

- Earnings per share for the quarter amounted to 0.47 SEK (0.72 SEK) before dilution and 0.47 SEK (0.72 SEK) after dilution

- Cash flow after investment activities amounted to -3.5 MSEK (2.8 MSEK)

We lower our estimates, but we are now more positive regarding the potential stock return since the stock price has declined with ~34% since our previous update.

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