Publicerat: 2021-03-11 17:43:24

Ritzau om Cessatech A/S: Cessatech A/S publishes annual report for the fiscal year 2020

Full year 2020 (6 April - 31 December): · Net revenue was KDKK 0  · Operating result was KDKK -901 · Net result was KDKK -849  · Cash and bank was KDKK 13,506 · Result per share* was DKK -0.55 · Solidity** at end of the period was 99% *Result per share (DKK per share): Operating result divided by the average  number of shares during the period. The total number of shares as of 31 December 2020 amounted to 3,680,000 shares, the average number of shares during the full-year was 1,537,721. There has been an increase in the number of shares since the completion of the IPO in December 2020.  **Solidity: Total equity divided by total capital and liabilityHighlights during Q2-2020  ·Established the company, the legal entity (6. APR) · Building the initial organization of consultants and core team  · Finalizing the agreement with Rigshospitalet for CT001Highlights during Q3-2020 · The complete Board of Directors assembled and assigned · The manufacturing process for CT001 was finalized  · Finalized selection of preferred Clinical Research Organization (CRO)Highlights during Q4-2020 · Approval for IPO listing and significantly oversubscribed by approx. 680% · Finalized negotiations of preferred manufacturer for clinical and commercial batches · Submitted Fast-track US patent application for CT001 · Initiated clinical preparations of first 3 clinical activities related to CT001 · Trading in Cessatech's shares and warrants commenced on the Spotlight Stock Market · Finalization of the Registry Study (0203) from Karolinska University HospitalCessatech

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