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Publicerat: 2020-11-12 08:59:00

Everysport Media Group AB: Everysport Media Group AB (publ.) assigns Erik Penser Bank as market maker and initiates collaboration on commissioned research

Everysport Media Group AB (publ.) (ESMG) has entered into an agreement with Erik Penser Bank (Erik Penser) giving Erik Penser the assignment to act as market maker for ESMG's share on Spotlight Stock Market. In connection with this, ESMG and Erik Penser have also initiated a collaboration on commissioned research.

Erik Penser will do at least four analyzes per year, which will be published through Erik Penser Bank's distribution network. In addition, the analyzes will be published by ESMG through the company's usual publication channels, via press releases and on the company's website.

In the assignment as market maker, Erik Penser Bank will ensure the opportunity to trade in ESMG’s shares every day by continuously placing trading items on each buy and sell side in the order book. The purpose of a market maker is to provide an opportunity for an improved trading volume in the share. The market maker service will be launched within shortly.

Any questions answered by:

Hannes Andersson, CEO, Everysport Media Group AB,
tel: +46 70 736 56 25
e-mail: hannes.andersson@esmg.se

Everysport Media Group (publ.) (ESMG) is a Swedish publicly listed media group with roots in sports and gaming. Our strategy is based on two main components: Content and Media. Within Content, ESMG is a leading provider of performance data, betting tips and sports news. Some of our clients are gaming operators, sports associations and media organizations. Our media portfolio garners over 2 million interactive viewers across multiple platforms, sites, and networks within the industry. 

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