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Publicerat: 2021-12-20 15:38:04

Everysport Media Group AB: Everysport Media Group AB (publ.) Nomination Committee appointed

In accordance with previous decisions at the Annual General Meeting, the company's Chairman of the Board has convened a Nomination Committee to prepare proposals for the company's Annual General Meeting 2022.

The Nomination Committee consists of Paul Fischbein, as Chairman of the Board of Everysport Media Group AB (publ.), Johan Ejermark and Michael Hansen as representatives of the two largest ownership groups / shareholders as voting members have the largest share in Everysport Media Group AB (publ.).

The Nomination Committee's task is to draft proposal for the Board of Directors, etc. to be presented for resolution at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Any questions answered by:

Hannes Andersson, CEO, Everysport Media Group AB,
tel: +46 70 736 56 25
e-mail: hannes.andersson@esmg.se

Everysport Media Group (ESMG) is a group operating in sports. ESMG is divided into two business areas: Everysport Media and Every Padel. Everysport Media owns and develops digital platforms and services in sports, and within the Every Padel business area, operations are conducted within the fast-growing sport of padel. The group has a total of about 160 employees. The head office is located in Stockholm and the company also has offices in Norway and the USA. The group is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market (EVERY).

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