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Publicerat: 2022-10-26 13:00:00

Railway Metrics and Dynamics Sweden AB: Successful Proof of Concept with RMD sensors in Southern Africa

Under de senaste veckorna har Railway Metrics and Dynamics AB (RMD) genomfört ett lyckat Proof of Concept av sin plattform i södra Afrika tillsammans med en ny samarbetspartner – sydafrikanska Indlela Connections.

The Proof of Concept (PoC) is carried out together with RMD:s partner Indlela Connections. 

Several RMD PMU sensors has been mounted on a coal train running between Eswatini and Mozambique.

"The conclusion is that our PMU sensor works and behaves the same way in southern Africa as in Europe. The connectivity along the route is also good", says Jan Lindqvist, CEO of Railway Metrics and Dynamics.

"The PoC prove how easy it is to scale our platform on a global level. We use the same components, IT-solutions and work processes in Africa as we do in Europe", says Jan Lindqvist.

"This in turn means we now have a product on the market in Southern Africa that can monitor both rolling stock and infrastructure. And the data collected by the PMU can from now on be used to streamline freight flows", says Jan Lindqvist.

Indlela Connections works from Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a dynamic comprehensive logistics, property development and management company that includes advisory services in the freight transport industry, on both port and rail operations.

The company is 100% owned by South African Black women, who have more than 30 years of combined experience in port, rail, inbound and outbound supply chain in multiple commodities in bulk, automotive and container sectors of the transport economy.

"For this specific railroad line between Eswatini and Mozambique, the most obvious win is more effective operations. They will from now on be able to keep track of each wagon and see how long time each trip takes. The railway becomes more safe, punctual and reliable", says Nyameka Madikizela, Director of Indlela Connections.

Indlela Connections will be representing Railway Metrics and Dynamics at Southern Africa's largest railway exhibition Sara Rail Conference this week.


RMD:s PMU-sensor

  • The Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) is a real-time sensor that is easily mounted on the bogie, i.e., on the undercarriage-carrying wheelsets.
  • Each PMU is equipped with a GPS and an accelerometer that measures motion in three dimensions.
  • The sensors communicate with the cloud through any available internet connection – from GPRS to 5G.


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Railway Metrics and Dynamics
Jan Lindqvist, CEO 
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Indlela Connections
Nyameka Madikizela, Director
‭+27 (83) 380 87 49‬‬

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