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Publicerat: 2022-12-20 08:30:00

Katalysen Ventures AB: Katalysen portfolio venture Skawen closes oversubscribed share issue to enable sustainability leaps in energy recovery

Skawen is a clean-tech company on a mission to enable meaningful sustainability leaps in energy recovery and ventilation tech. This is achieved through intense innovation within materials sciences, miniaturization of electric controllers, and the development of energy optimization algorithms.

Development, production, and sales are all handled in-house, which enables delivery of a best-in-market product. With an average year-on-year growth of 100%+, Skawen’s heating and ventilation solutions are now available for properties (large and small) in twelve European markets.

The company, which is a portfolio company of Katalysen Ventures, recently completed an oversubscribed share issue. Among participating investors we find Skawen’s Chairman Lars Save, former CEO of Bonnier Business Information and founder of Bisnode and Addnode, who expanded his investment in the company. Property company Green Group, with a history of investing in leading property tech ("prop-tech"), also significantly expanded their investment in Skawen.

In connection with the closing of the oversubscribed share issue, the Board of Skawen announced that it has instructed the company's management to begin preparations during 2023 for a planned public listing in H1 2024. To learn more, visit www.skawen.com or contact CEO Sten Mogard at sten.mogard@skawen.com.

For more information on Katalysen, please contact:
Peter Almberg

CEO, Katalysen Ventures
Phone: +46 76 860 37 00
E-mail: contact@katalysen.com

For further information on the Skawen, please contact:
Sten Mogard

CEO, Skawen
Phone: +46 702 263 293
E-mail: sten.mogard@skawen.com
Web: www.skawen.com

About Katalysen Ventures:
Katalysen Ventures is a publicly listed venture developer who advances early-stage ventures as an active partner by providing hands-on expertise, capital and access to networks. Katalysen operates via its team of venture developers out of offices in Stockholm, Geneva and San Francisco and has so far invested its expertise and capital in 26+ early-stage ventures.

About Skawen:
Skawen is an innovative ventilation company developing, producing and selling AHU’s with highly efficient heat recovery systems. Products are air handling systems for public/industrial applications and for dehumidification of private and public pools. When ventilating buildings and facilities with Skawen AHU’s, customers will save heat as well as electric energy and reduce electric power input. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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