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Publicerat: 2023-05-08 08:30:00

Plejd AB: Plejd launches smart luminaires and shows wireless sensor

The company is launching DWN-01, DWN-02, and LST-01 at the Elfack electrician fair in Gothenburg on May 9th, 2023, the first smart luminaires in the company’s second product category. The company also shows the smart outdoor luminaire OUT-01 and a wireless battery-powered motion sensor.

CEO Babak Esfahani comments

After many years of hard work we are finally launching our smart luminaires, our second product category. By integrating the control into the luminaire we have created a new level of flexible lighting installation with various advantages for electricians and end customers.

All our smart luminaires incorporates adjustable color temperature meaning the light can easily be adjusted from warm white to cool white. It gives the electrician the advantage of having all combinations of color temperature in the same luminaire instead of having different models for different situations. Furthermore, the end customer can adapt the light according to design choice and occasion.

Grouping of the luminaires is made wirelessly without needing a physical control wire, which significantly facilitates installation; no maximum power per group or the like needs to be considered. Wireless grouping is made easily and conveniently in the Plejd app and can be changed afterwards or as needed without new cabling.

Functions such as astro/weekly scheduling and scenarios are built into our smart luminaires, further simplifying installation. In addition, the end customer can easily adjust the color temperature to adapt the light to design choices and preferences. Our outdoor luminaire OUT-01 has a built-in battery backup and can be set to shine up, down, or in both directions simultaneously.

The first products we launch in our luminaire series are two models of smart downlights and an LED-strip adapted for our recently launched driver LED-75. We are opening orders for the DWN-01, DWN-02, and LST-01 on May 9th, with expected first delivery before the industrial holiday in Sweden this summer.

We have developed our luminaires from scratch in-house. It has been a long process, but we believe that we have reached a result where we can take smart lighting to a new level with a unique combination of installation and end-customer benefits.

In addition to our luminaire series, we are also showing the WMS-01, which is our first wireless motion sensor. The sensor is battery-powered with an estimated battery life of over ten years. The product’s practical design enables discreet mounting in the corner of a room with screws or the supplied double-sided tape. The sensor uses our recently released presence support. The combination of our own sensor and system support we hope will lead many to discover the convenience and energy savings that presence-controlled lighting provides. WMS-01 is planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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