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Publicerat: 2023-05-09 15:52:29

Railway Metrics and Dynamics Sweden AB: RMD in Munich with Europe's leading freight wagon supplier

Railway Metrics and Dynamics is currently exhibiting at "transport logistic" in Munich, one of the world's largest international trade fairs for logistics, mobility and logistics management.
“We are exhibiting with the Swiss company Wascosa, Europe's leading supplier of freight wagon systems. It's a huge advantage and we've had a great response to our products from day one,” says CEO Jan Lindqvist.

The exhibition in Munich takes place from 9 to 12 May, and on the first day RMD has already received a lot of attention for its new technology. The new railway camera is particularly highlighted as an advanced and long-awaited innovation, together with Wascosa's brand new ballast wagon.


"We see great potential in the railway camera as part of our offer. In relation to the ballast wagon, it is possible to use the RMD camera to inspect the work on the opposite side of the wagon as it spreads ballast. This saves both time and money for contractors," says Irmhild Saabel, Chief Business Development Officer at Wascosa.


The railway camera uses WebRTC technology, which means it transmits video in real time to the RMD dashboard as long as there is an internet connection. This technology is supported by all major platforms and modern browsers. The railway camera is battery-powered and can be recharged by the driver in the cab when not in use.


More safety with less staff


Thanks to real-time image transmission, the driver can also use the camera when reversing. The camera image appears on the RMD dashboard when mounted at the rear of the train, eliminating the need for an extra person/signaller standing unprotected at the rear of the train. This has significant safety benefits.


"Another unique aspect is that the dispatcher or others who need to see the images can access an encrypted version of the video stream at the same time, wherever they are, using our dashboard," says Bonny Wong, System Developer at RMD. He continues:


"All train journeys are stored for as long as the customer wishes. In the event of an accident, the stored images can be reviewed and provide important information about the cause of the accident."


Railway camera soon to go into series production


In March 2023, the railway camera successfully passed its first test on a real train, and in the spring a pilot project was carried out with two cameras on a regular freight train. Series production will start in Q2/Q3 2023.


"It is a unique camera that can be easily used by the driver when the train needs to reverse. The potential for the reversing camera is huge. Most railway companies need such a solution," says Jan Lindqvist.


Load securing sensor for trailer wagons


The railway camera is one of two important pieces of the puzzle in RMD's real-time platform. The other is the king pin sensor, which will also be on show in Munich.


- The king pin sensor checks that all trailer wagons in a freight train are correctly loaded. Following the serious accident on the Great Belt Bridge in 2019, there have been several similar incidents involving trailers on railway wagons.


With RMD's solution, train drivers and traffic management can monitor in real time via the dashboard that all trailer wagons are properly locked.


"The king pin sensor has enormous potential and can even become a legal requirement," says Jan Lindqvist.


Unique parts of a larger system


Jan Lindqvist usually describes the camera and the load lock sensor as a system within a system. They are unique parts of RMD's larger platform.


"At the same time, they interact and work seamlessly with our other products. This means that our customers are free to choose how they want to work with us," says Jan Lindqvist.


Jan Lindqvist is often asked how RMD's platform differs from other solutions on the market.


"I don't know of anyone else who covers the entire railway system - from fixed infrastructure to individual vehicles - with a single tester," he says.


"Another important part of our success is our real understanding of pedestrian dynamics. We do more than just develop sensors and collect huge amounts of data. We understand and explain the dynamics between wheels and rails and analyse the deviations to find the causes," says Jan Lindqvist.

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RMD is a Swedish IT-company, based in Stockholm, which develops and sells a cloud-based, real-time system with patented technology, based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, for asset management. Initially, the Company has chosen to focus on the railway industry, such as locomotives, railcars, rails and other railway infrastructure, but RMD's system can be used in other transport and infrastructure markets, including the construction market, as well as the human resources market. For rail industry operators, the Company's systems enable them to operate transport with increased efficiency, safety, punctuality and profitability. 

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