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Publicerat: 2023-09-14 14:49:50

Katalysen Ventures AB: Katalysen Ventures informs about important update from Vironova AB

Katalysen Ventures AB (publ) ("Katalysen Ventures", "the Company") regrets to inform about the bankruptcy declaration of portfolio company Vironova AB, with a maximum potential impact of -0.4 MSEK on the company's total portfolio valuation. 

Of this value, 0.1 MSEK is made up of equity, and 0.3 MSEK is made up of a loan extended by Katalysen Ventures to Vironova. The investment into Vironova was a minor exploratory investment, and Katalysen Ventures owned an estimated 0.2% of the total votes and shares in the company.

For more information on Katalysen Ventures, please contact:
CEO Peter Almberg
Phone: +46 76 860 37 00

About Katalysen Ventures: Katalysen Ventures, established in 2016 in Stockholm, is a publicly listed venture developer for entrepreneur-led ventures. From our offices in Stockholm and Geneva, we actively support our portfolio of 26 early-stage innovation ventures. As a dynamic force in the startup ecosystem, we propel visionary ideas to tangible success. With a passion for disruption, we empower entrepreneurs, provide strategic guidance and hands-on support, and fuel growth through our diverse network of venture co-developers and co-investors.

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