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Publicerat: 2023-11-07 14:19:55

Eevia Health Plc: Eevia Health Plc gained significant new sales opportunities from key US tradeshow

Eevia Health Plc ("Eevia" or "The Company") concluded a successful tradeshow exhibition at the Supply Side West in Las Vegas, USA. The proceeds from the tradeshow are over 30 new leads and a range of significant sales opportunities, some of which are now being converted to sales contracts.

Eevia executed a successful exhibition at the Supply Side West in Las Vegas. This show is rated by management as the best in the history of the Company. Eevia held more than 40 meetings over two days with prominent nutraceutical brands and manufacturers. The interest for the company has never been as intense, and the Company could have had further meetings but both booth- and personnel capacity were exhausted. Compared to last year the team held twice as many meetings, but the quality of the meetings and the level of the decision-makers this year were significantly higher. The Company- and the brand- story were very well received. The results from the BioMAP study were compelling for many visitors.  A range of sales opportunities are now being processed.

Supply Side West is a key event in the global nutraceutical industry with over 18,000 industry professionals. Over 84% of the visitors say their main objective of attending the show is to source new ingredients and their suppliers. Eevia’s focus was on promoting key polyphenol products which Eevia offers. This topic seemed to resonate well with many decision-makers.

Polyphenols are plant-derived metabolites with significant beneficial health properties, that can be found in berries, apples, seeds, beetroot, and other plant materials. The prospect of Eevia’s polyphenols seemed to piggyback on a growing awareness of the amazing growth potential in this section of the nutraceutical market. The overall polyphenol market is according to a study by Data Bridge Market Research expected to grow from USD 2 billion in 2021 to USD 16.5 billion in 2029, with a CAGR of 30.20% between 2022 and 2029. In contrast, the Omega-3 market stands at USD 2.27 billion business in 2023 with projections of an annual 6.3% growth to USD 3.71 billion by 2030.

"We are extremely pleased with the Supply Side West show this year. The sales cycle in our business can be long and work is needed to convert to sales contracts, but the amount and intensity of the interest and the sales opportunities we received bodes well for our future sales. We are now diving into the work to convert these opportunities into sales contracts and long-term business," states Stein Ulve, CEO of Eevia Health Plc.


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Stein Ulve, CEO, Eevia Health Plc                          


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Eevia Health Plc, founded in March 2017, addresses significant health problems with bioactive compounds extracted from plant materials. The materials are primarily wild harvested from the pristine Finnish and Swedish forests near or above the Arctic Circle. The extracts are sold B2B as ingredients in dietary supplements and food brands globally. These global brands utilize the ingredients in their consumer product formulas.

Eevia Health is a manufacturer of 100% organically certified plant extracts. Although a significant product, Elderberry extract, is made from cultivated berries, most of Eevia’s other raw materials, such as bilberry, lingonberry, Chaga mushroom, and pine bark, are wild-harvested sustainably.

Eevia Health operates a modern green-chemistry production facility in Finland. Manufacturing natural ingredients near the raw material harvest areas, Eevia offers a short value chain with an environmentally friendly carbon footprint, competitive pricing, and extreme transparency. Eevia listed its shares at the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden in June 2021, with the short name (ticker) EEVIA.

To learn more, please visit or follow Eevia Health on LinkedIn@EeviaHealth. 


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