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Publicerat: 2022-02-28 08:35:53

HODL SPAC Europe AB: HODL SPAC Europe AB: Year-end report 2021

HODL SPAC Europe AB publishes the Year-end report for the period January – December 2021. Please find the report attached or available at the website (www.hodlspac.se). Presented below is a summary of the report. The report in full is only available in Swedish. N.B. this is a translation of the Swedish version, and should there be differences, the Swedish version prevails.

”After a successful listing, we have initiated the process of finding an attractive company to become listed through HODL. We have initiated several dialogues and welcome blockchain-companies to reach out to us" – Vahid Toosi, CEO

Full year of 2021[1]

  • Earnings per share was to SEK -0,11 (--) for the period.
  • Profit or loss for the period was SEK -0,22 m (--).
  • Cash and cash equivalent was SEK 10,89 m (--) on December 31, 2021.

Significant events during and after the period

  • On December 20, 2021 HODL published an offer to acquire shares in the company and the intention to list the shares.
  • The share issue was oversubscribed and the share was listed on Spotlight Stock Market on January 21, 2022.
  • Cash and cash equivalents was SEK 29,65 m January 31,  2022.

Proposed dividend

  • The Board proposes that no dividend is paid for the 2021 financial year.

Financial report in summary.

SEK m Full year 2021
Operating profit/loss -0,22
Operating profit after tax -0,22
Cash flow from operations -0,11
Cash flow for the period 10,89
Cash and cash equivalents[2] 10,89

[1] HODL SPAC Europe AB was founded in October 2021, hence there is no available comparison period. The reporting period comprises 2021-10-19 to 2021-12-31.

[2] The company’s liquid funds was SEK 29,65 m on January 21, 2022.


Vahid Toosi


+46 729 42 48 92


Follow HODL on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hodlspac

Follow HODL on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hodl-spac

The company ticker is HODL and ISIN SE0017131865


HODL SPAC Europe AB (Publ) is the first European blockchain focused SPAC. HODL’s purpose is to help one or more blockchain companies develop by way of facilitating a listing. Potential target companies include European growth companies with an enterprise value of approximately SEK 500 million. Read more on HODL's website:  http://hodlspac.se

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